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About the Time I First Met Her (オレがあいつと出会ってしまった件について。, Ore ga aitsu to deatte shimatta ken nitsuite.) is the first episode of the 3D Kanojo (Anime).


Teenager Hikari Tsutsui is an unpopular otaku, with his only friend being the oddball and likewise otaku Yūto Itō. As punishment for being late, Hikari has to clean the school pool and meets Iroha Igarashi, a girl famous for her lousy behavior and lack of friends. Although he is determined to avoid Iroha, he cannot help but take notice of her, especially after she stands up for him against his classmates who mock him. Despite watching her two-time a pair of guys and embarrass him by asking him out in public, Hikari decides to be her friend and stands up for her as well. The next day, Hikari has caught a cold from Iroha accidentally dragging him into the pool during their punishment together but insists on coming to school anyways, arriving late. Iroha is late too, but this time on purpose to see him, whereupon she kisses Hikari and offers to clean the school pool alone.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]