About the Time My Chastity was in a Predicament (オレの貞操がピンチになった件について。, Ore no teisō ga pinchi ni natta ken nitsuite.) is the second episode of the 3D Kanojo (Anime).

Plot[edit | edit source]

Pondering on what Iroha Igarashi said to him on the last episode of her moving in the next 6 months due to her father's job, Hikari Tsutsui is visited by her as her boyfriend in his classroom for a walk home, much to other classmates' surprise because they know how gloomy he is. Iroha asks Hikari of his plans on Sunday which the latter says he is going to visit an electronic shop to purchase a new release game, finding it boring by her. The next day, after exiting the shop, Hikari notices Iroha with another guy walking with her. That night while playing the new game he purchased, Hikari is visited by Iroha and talks about how serious their dating are in a playground. Afterwards, Iroha asks Hikari to come with her in an apartment to have one night stand, much to latter's surprise. An awkward moments ensue as this is their first time doing it which ended Hikari leaving the premise since all he wants to do is to have a serious talk. The following day, after visiting a pharmacists office to buy medicine, Hikari notices the same guy he saw last Sunday that walks with Iroha. It turns that the guy is a doctor so he confronts him and asks what is his relationship to Iroha. Although the doctor denies going out with her, Hikari still asks him to take care of her as he is thinking that she prefers him over a guy being an otaku like him. Hikari runs off after the doctor scolds him of not being the right guy to be on Iroha's side. Back at school the next day, he asks Iroha to break up with the doctor which the latter says he is her "boyfriend" but later admits he is a family doctor who attends to her due to having an illness.

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