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Iroha Igarashi (五十嵐 色葉, Igarashi Iroha) is one of the main protagonists of the 3D Kanojo: Real Girl series.


Iroha is a flashy and beautiful high school girl (considered by Yuto Ito and Sumie Ayado to be "the perfect 3D Girl") with wavy waist-length light pink hair that has bangs swept to the left side with chest-length hair strands and light or dark brown eyes.

She has many outfits she wears at times, but at school, she wears her school uniform consisting of a skirt, dark, thigh high stockings, a white shirt and a pink bow.


Iroha is a very kind-hearted, honest and straightforward girl who usually speaks her minds without reservation. She is quite easy-going and is very friendly despite having no interest in making friends. She is shown to be very playful, skipping classes to goof off and dating multiple men, even leading more than one on at once. This behavior led to her getting a reputation as "the girl who sleeps around" But this is all a misunderstanding, in reality she is a virgin(which shows on ep 2,

when they argue at roof top).

she always shows up for her punishment tasks and she attends remedial classes with diligence, showing that she has more determination than she lets on.

Though she has a bad reputation, Iroha wants a boyfriend who listens to her and likes her for who she is and not just her good looks. She is also a good judge of character, evidenced by her relationship to Hikari Tsutsui; despite his reputation for being a "creepy otaku" she sees the good in him and accepts him as a worthy boyfriend.

After getting a steady boyfriend and a small circle of friends, Iroha becomes protective of them rather quickly. She shows her compassion by trying to help with their problems when she can. She also defends them fiercely when others say rude things about them and is slow to forgive any offense against them.


Iroha has been labeled as a sleazy girl who is hated by girls for stealing boyfriends. Her arc truly starts when she is forced to clean the school pool alongside Tsutsui, who was punished for tardiness. She makes a bad first impression by accidentally knocking him onto the water and forgetting that she insulted him. However, she makes up for it by defending Tsutsui and his friend Yuto Ito from girls who were mean to them.

After Tsutsui defends her when she's accosted by a boy she was leading on, she takes an interest in him and asks him out, only to be rejected due to his mistrust. He later starts to reciprocate her interest, culminating in him asking her to date him. She accepts him without hesitation, but then reveals that she's transferring schools in six months.


Iroha is a girl with a less-than-stellar reputation as who is actually quite the contrary. Although she is not as promiscuous as many think her to be, she has admitted that she likes to date and cheat on several boys. After interacting with Hikari Tsutsui, she decides to date him for the six months she has left before transferring schools.


Hikari Tsutsui[]

Tsutsui, also nicknamed as "Tsutsun", is Iroha's boyfriend. Living an isolated life in rejection as an otaku, he meets Iroha's initial kindness with skepticism and conceit, as he considered her "everything he hates in 3D girls." However, Tsutsui finds himself helping and defending Iroha several times when she finds herself in difficult situations.

It seems that Iroha sees nothing but the good in Tsutsui, and although his insecurities can be difficult for her at times, her love and faith in Tsutsui does not falter and she is very protective of him. Tsutsui regards her as a "good person", and she is one of the people he is closest to, besides Ito.

Iroha forgets about Tsutsui after her surgery and stays in Los Angeles. When Chika Igarashi brings her to Japan so she can consider moving back there, he takes her to reunite with Tsutsui, whose feelings for her never diminished. However, when she sees his keychain, part of a matching set she got for them, her memories start returning. After he confesses he still loves her, she chooses to move to Japan and start dating him again. At the end of the series, they end up getting married - making her Iroha Tsutsui - and she becomes pregnant a year after their marriage.

Arisa Ishino[]

Arisa is Iroha's first female friend.



  • The name Iroha means "color, complexion" (色) (iro) and "leaf, plane, lobe, needle, blade, spear, counter for flat things, fragment, piece" (葉) (ha).
  • Iroha's surname Igarashi means "fifty" (五十) (ig) and "storm, tempest" (嵐) (arashi).
    • Her married name Tsutsui means "cylinder" (筒) (tsutsu) and "well, mine shaft, pit" (井) (i).


  • It is later revealed that Iroha has a brain tumor and requires surgery, later making her gain retrograde amnesia.