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Tsutsui's only friend and fellow otaku. He supports Hikari in every way possible.


Ito was a gamer with few friends, but because he was kind, many of his peers took advantage of him. In High School, he meets Tsutsui, who is uninterested in befriending him. However, this changes when Ito stands up to people bullying him. After that, the two became inseparable friends, bonding over their love of gaming and anime.


Ito is very kind and cares for his friends. He is awkward when meeting new people.


Ito has blonde hair, a slim appearance. He also uses cat ears, after he was rejected by Ayado he cut his hair because he was heartbroken. He can sometime be mistaken as a female because of his slightly feminine appearance.


Hikari Tsutsui[]

Ito's first and best friend.

Sumie Ayado[]

Sumie was initially a friend of Tsutsui that Ito found attractive. He eventually worked up the courage to pursue her until she began to reciprocate his feelings. The two date, but break up sometime after high school, with Sumiye going on to marry another man. When she gets divorced, Ito asks her out, rekindling their relationship.